Sports Team Pictures: 

These are done on location or in studio depending what you are looking for.  There are few options. A slideshow of many is at the very bottom. 


Option One: $50 per player - This is done on location or your choice. 

This will give you a handful of single pictures of each player as well as a team picture on the field. I am also happy to do coaches with their player. 


Option 2: $75 per player - SAME AS OPTION ONE PLUS ..... Creating and printing a 6x3 banner of the team like shown here: 

Option 3 is to add fire ball pictures to any one of the Options above. ( must be an add on to option 1 or 2)  - FIRE BALL this can be an addition option for each player separately. - $40 I will take a few fire ball options and you can choose one for download.

Slideshow of many examples: