Deliver Session
The birth of your child will be one of the most amazing and memorable days of your entire life. From the final stages of labor to the first sounds of your baby’s cry and the first time you lay eyes on your precious miracle, let me help provide you with the best narrative of your birth experience. I know that giving birth is an incredibly personal moment for you and your family and chances are, you won’t even realize I am there! Think of me as a fly on the wall (with a lens) that will bring the emotions of that day to life, to look back on and relive whenever you wish. 
Labor and delivery is a hard thing to predict so I will be on-call 24/7 once you are admitted to the hospital. My time with you will include coverage of labor (starting around active labor), the birth, and up to 2 hours afterward for family moments shared with loved ones like siblings and grandparents. You will receive an online digital download of 50 high-resolution images with printing rights. These are custom edited images in mostly black and white but also color if requested.
A video slideshow put to music can be purchased for an additional $300. 
The $100 deposit you are paying will reserve your space on my calendar as I am only able to book a few births per month in order to help ensure the births do not overlap. The remainder of the fee is due by 37 weeks. The price at the time of your booking/deposit is the one that will be honored. 
Delivery Session- $975 to $1,275
$975- Digital image on a gallery
$1275- Digital image on a gallery and slide show/video. 
Please contact me to find out more about my Maternity/Delivery/Newborn packages